Hendred folklore

Submitted by Eileen on Tue, 10/30/2018 - 10:01
Harvest 2019

The folklore associated with the harvest at Hendred Vineyard is intriguing and several villagers have approached us to see if this ancient tradition will ever be re-enacted.  So for the October 2019 harvest we seek to assemble a posse and harvest the grapes the old fashioned way.  If you can harvest some grapes without any fingers in the basket (they spoil the wine) then you qualify for some kind of lunch feast - asserted in folklore as a key part of the tradition.  We will just be doing this for one of the anticipated three harvest days (contractors will harvest on the other two days).   If you might like to take part in this venture, then please email hendredvineyard@hotmail.com (or quill a note for our letterbox) with any relevant skills, though no experience necessary and we'll send you details nearer the time.   We are lucky to have advice from a local vineyard legend and other renowned villagers on this tradition and will be employing artefacts such as an ancient tractor trailer which no modern technology has yet superceded.  Many thanks to all the local community who have supported us so far in this journey with the grapes, it is very much appreciated....